Cyclife: a key player in nuclear decommissioning and waste management for a sustainable industry

Cyclife Sweden AB

Our site in Nyköping and its activities in radioactive waste management including size-reduction, clearance and materials recycling

Cyclife UK Ltd

Our site in Workington and its activities in size-reduction of radioactive waste, consultancy and support in nuclear decommissioning projects

Cyclife France

Our sites in France and their activities in radioactive waste management and treatment to reduce waste volumes


Cyclife Digital Solutions

Our digital solutions including digital twins, BIM, 3D-real time technologies to optimise maintenance, operations and building and decommissioning projects in terms of risk, dosimetry, cost and planning

Cyclife Engineering

Our engineering activities for nuclear decommissioning and design of radioactive waste treatment facilities


Our engineering services in dismantling of graphite reactors and the development of innovative remote tooling

A joint-venture between Cyclife and Veolia Nuclear Solutions

Cyclife Aquila Nuclear

Our engineering capabilities in containment, shielded installations, remote handling and transport/packaging for the nuclear and research industry


Cyclife Japan

Cyclife Japan is dedicated to supporting Japanese operators by providing long-term nuclear engineering expertise.

As a European pioneer, Cyclife offers integrated decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities and radioactive waste management. By applying EDF’s unique waste-led decommissioning approach, Cyclife supports its customers to reduce costs and waste generation allowing optimisation of programmes, as well as recycling valuable material through its pan-European subsidiaries.

The three nuclear licensed sites of Cyclife based in the United Kingdom (Workington), Sweden (Nyköping) and France (Bagnols-sur-Cèze), treat very-low to low-level waste, providing services such as large component management, decontamination, waste volume reduction, material recycling, melting, incineration, pyrolysis, as well as consultancy to prepare and optimise on-site operations. They provide best available techniques for waste packaging, volume reduction, and material recycling. 
Cyclife is present in Germany and Japan to directly engage with customers and partners in the German and Eastern markets, as well as the Japanese and Asian regions. This allows for easy access to Cyclife's full range of offerings and value proposition. 

Cyclife, a subsidiary of EDF Group, also owns five engineering and expertise centres with highly-skilled engineers for the design of waste treatment facilities and workshops. They are able to define the full dismantling scenario of a given nuclear installation. They design tools, notably remotely operated, to perform dismantling operations. They all use state-of-the-art technologies including digital.
  • Cyclife Digital Solutions offers robust digital tools based on real-time 3D technologies, DEMplus® for nuclear, a software based on 3D real-time simulations to obtain and optimise scenario costs, lead times, waste flows and dosimetry;  MySurvey® and ViSu®, tools to meet the emerging operational needs of industrial digital twins.
  • Cyclife Engineering is dedicated to the decommissioning of light water reactors, along with the designing radioactive waste storage and treatment facilities.
  • Graphitech, a joint venture company between Cyclife and Veolia Nuclear Solutions, focuses on the dismantling of graphite reactors and the development of innovative remote tooling.
  • Waste2Glass, a joint venture company created by Cyclife and Veolia Nuclear Solutions, aims to deliver a unique and concrete solution for some specific radioactive waste treatment based on GeoMelt® vitrification process.
  • Cyclife Aquila Nuclear has been acquired by Cyclife to expand its engineering capabilities in the fields of containment, shielded installations, remote handling and transport/packaging to better serve its customers.