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Cyclife Group EDF provides services in radioactive waste management, and in the decommissioning and the dismantling of nuclear facilities. Cyclife is composed of subsidiaries across Europe: Cyclife France, Cyclife UK, Cyclife Sweden, Cyclife Engineering and Cyclife Digital Solutions.

The European platform has industrial sites for radioactive waste treatment in France (Bagnols-sur-Cèze), the United Kingdom (Workington) and Sweden (Nyköping). The Cyclife Engineering offers engineering and project management services for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and for the design of nuclear of nuclear waste storage and treatment facilities.The subsidiary Cyclife Digital Solutions offers a decision support and intervention simulation tool, based on real-time 3D technologies, DEMplus® for nuclear, in particular for obtaining calculations combining costs, deadlines, waste and dosimetry.

The Cyclife brand offers its customers integrated skills to anticipate and respond to a wide range of projects related to the challenges faced by operators in the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities and the management of radioactive waste.
Cyclife Sweden AB

Our site in Nyköping and its activities

Cyclife UK Ltd

Our site in Workington and its activities

Cyclife France

Our sites in France and their activities

Cyclife Engineering

Cyclife Digital Solutions

Cyclife's decommissioning and waste treatment activities

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