Cyclife Sweden AB, Nyköping facility

Cyclife Sweden has been providing waste treatment services to national and international customers for 40 years. All treatment services include volume reduction and treatment is always carried out on a customer-specific campaign basis to be put in first place before.

  • Location: Cyclife Sweden AB is located at the Studsvik industrial site outside Nyköping on the east coast of Sweden.
  • Employees: 180-staff

Metals treatment

The metal treatment facility provides a series of services: Segmentation, decontamination, melting (up to 5,000 tons per year), clearance and recycling of produced metal ingots and characterisation and conditioning of secondary waste for return to customer. Large components weighing up to maximum 400 tons and with lengths up to 30 meters can be accepted for treatment. The average recycling rate for the 40,000 tons treated is in a range of 95%.

Thermal treatment of organic waste by incineration or pyrolysis

Dry active waste (plastics, paper, textiles, wood etc.), liquids (oils and water solutions), activated charcoal from filters, and some ion exchange resins. Up to 600 tons per year are treated. All treatment is performed in isolated campaigns to return the residues to the owner.
The pyrolysis facility is fully dedicated to dry active waste from nuclear fuel factories. The aim with the process is to make a breakdown of the organics in a controlled atmosphere and at temperatures which makes it possible to recover the uranium in the ashes after treatment. The uranium in the ashes can then be put back into the nuclear fuel production process.
A high-volume reduction is obtained with both processes.

Material and waste characterisation

Cyclife Sweden has multiple ways to characterise materials and waste :  A well equipped analytical laboratory in which chemical and radiological analyses are performed, secondary waste characterisation station, a highly shielded clearance measurement facility (capacity 2,500 tons per year) and mobile characterisation units for in-field characterisation services.   


Access to a roll-on roll-off dock within the Studsvik Tech Park in Sweden. The dock enables a unique, exclusive capability to receive materials and large components from all over the world directly into Cyclife Sweden’s nuclear licensed facility.
Safety and security of employees and the environment are the top priority of nuclear industry and Cyclife Sweden AB.

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Site access

Here are the documentation for people accessing the industrial site:

The following applies to unaccompanied access to Studsvik Tech Park:

  • Approved safety test, carried out by the employer according to the template Safety test contractors
  • Approved drug test, results for the following drugs must be stated in the protocol (cannabis, amphetamine/ecstasy (MDMA), cocaine, opiates, benzodiazepines)
  • Education Protection and Safety (SoS), link:
  • Signed Access conditions and personal data management
  • Valid pre-registration 

Should the contractor/consultant/supplier perform work in a controlled area, in addition to the above, following requirements applies:

  • Education Radiation protection in practice (SiP), see more info below how to sign up.
  • If Radiation Protection staff on site classifies the contractor as category A, a radiological medical examination must be taken. The doctor will sign a Certificate of Service for work with ionizing radiation, this certificate must be submitted as stated below.

Should the contractor/consultant/supplier work temporarily in radiologically protected area outdoors, the requirements for unaccompanied access applies, plus a 2-hour training Radiation protection for radiologically protected area outdoors. Sign up at

If the contractor/consultant/supplier is to work with waste management in a radiologically protected area outdoors, the same requirements apply as for work in a controlled area.

Radiation Protection in Practice (SiP Strålskydd i Praktiken)

The education is a teacher-led combined theoretical and practical education. The training takes approximately 6 hours and is carried out on site. Approved education Protection and Safety, (Skydd och Säkerhet) SoS, is a requirement to participate in SiP.
Registration is made according to the document Training occasions SiP Grund. In the registration You state Your name, which education You want to register to, company You are employed by and Your contact information.
Inform beforehand if You need the SiP-education in English.
All training certificates, security testing, drug tests and serviceability certificates must be sent to the Security Officer, or by letter to Security Officer Cyclife Sweden AB, Box 610 61110 Nyköping

Renew access criteria

The access criteria for unaccompanied access must be renewed at different time intervals. An automated system sends information to You about what You need to renew, and expiry date. After this date, Your access is blocked.
The system has the sender address


For visitors to Studsvik Tech Park, the following applies:

  • Valid pre-registration
  • Signed document: Access conditions and personal data management

Quality certificates and policies

Here are the different quality certificates and policie.

Cyclife Sweden AB has chosen to work according to an established and standardised procedure for improvements in quality management, environmental management and health & safety management. Cyclife Sweden AB work according to these standards together with all stake holders to improve aspects of quality and health & safety and to minimise environmental impact.
Cyclife is certified according to following standards:

  • Certificat ISO9001:2015 for Quality Management System
  • Certificat ISO14001:2015 for Environmental Management System
  • Certificat ISO 45001:2018 Occupational for Health and Safety Management System

Cyclife Sweden AB have decided the company policies based on the approval of its board. These policies covers security policy, environmental policy, health & safety policy and a quality policy. The policies follow Cyclife Sweden AB strategic direction and is signed by the Managing Director based on decision of the board. Decided policies are available on the company intranet for access by all employees. After any revisions to a policy the staff is informed of any changes. The policies are also available in a format easy to communicate with external stake holders.

GDPR – Summation of handling personal information – Cyclife Sweden AB

Radiological Services and Analysis outside nuclear sector

Cyclife Sweden has, in addition to the nuclear operations operations which handles sealed radioactive sources and radiological material used, generated or found outside the nuclear sector.
The organisation has a long experience in handling radioactive material and provides services like inspection, re-loading and decommissioning of sealed sources as well as characterisation and management of other radioactive material.  Beside this we can offer radiological analyses in our laboratory and advisory services and technical investigations.

Do you want to become part of an environmental enterprise that develops solutions and offers services in the nuclear industry?

Cyclife Sweden is a company within the EDF Group that is specialized in managing and treating low-level waste from the nuclear industry. We also offer specialist expertise in the decommissioning of nuclear reactors and other radiological facilities.
We are constantly seeking engineers and specialists who want to become part of our successful team that develops daily innovative and efficient services and treatment methods to our customers.

Are you interested in an international career in an industry that is boosting and sustainable, then join us.