Cyclife's teams engage with customers at an early stage and add value by implementing waste-led decommissioning approaches that support treatment and optimise waste diversion, including free release where possible.

In addition to its three licensed nuclear facilities in Europe, Cyclife has engineering and expertise centres staffed by highly qualified personnel with extensive experience throughout the decommissioning and waste management lifecycle. They work with cutting-edge technology, including the latest digital innovations.

Reactor technologies

Cyclife can support nuclear decommissioning projects and waste management requirements. Expertise has been developed in the decommissioning of various reactor technologies and in the provision of waste management solutions, from transport through off-site treatment solutions to disposal or recycling of materials.

Additional Types of Reactors

Fast breeder reactors, heavy water reactors, non-power reactors,...

Waste Treatment and Management

Cyclife is the answer to the growing need to preserve disposal capacity by reducing the volume of waste and recycling materials wherever possible.

Over the years, Cyclife has developed a range of services that select the best route for each type of waste. It operates three European waste treatment facilities, each with unique capabilities and existing secondary waste routes.

Cyclife directs waste to the facility that offers customers the best technical, economic and regulatory solution. It provides engineering and digital solutions to design waste treatment facilities and innovative processes on and off site.


Digital Solutions

For each stage of the industrial life cycle, discover the digital solutions that are right for you: collaborative platforms, decision support and work simulation software, on-site immersion using virtual reality with the deployment of digital twins, for simulation or training.

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Additional Sectors

Cyclife has expanded its nuclear activities. Its development in consultancy and engineering services offers complementary engineering capabilities to anticipate and meet customer needs.