Cyclife UK, Workington Facility

Cyclife UK facility, Metal Recycling Facility (MRF), is designed to support the United Kingdom's strategy on its management of low-level radioactive waste. The site is a nuclear and environmental licensed facility regulated by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the Environment Agency (EA).

  • Location: Cyclife UK Ltd is located on a three-hectare nuclear licensed site in Cumbria, in the North West of England.
  • Employees: 170-staff

Quality Certificates and Policies

Cyclife UK is certified to the International Standards for Quality, Safety and Environment:

  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018
  • ISO 9001:2015

A single certificate is issued by our UKAS accredited body, LRQA: Cyclife UK International Standards Certificate that can be downloaded hereafter.

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International Standards Certificate

External Carbon Reduction Plan

Modern Slavery Policy

Health and Safety SHEQS

Nuclear Safety, Security, Industrial Safety and Occupational Health are an absolute priority and we will maintain an appropriate level of security at our facilities.

Cyclife UK has a goal of ZERO harm and ZERO adverse effects, to achieve this we will apply our vision to all that we do and operate to an appropriate Standard and Culture. Cyclife UK recognises that superior Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security (QHSE&S) performance is necessary for excellence in business performance. Cyclife UK has established an integrated QHSE&S Policy statement signed by the Managing director and reviewed by the board which details our commitments.

2023 RoSPA Order of Distinction for Cyclife UK

Since 2020, Cyclife UK has been awarded the RoSPA Health and Safety Order of Distinction for three years consecutively.


Cyclife UK has also been awarded Disability Confident Employer:



Quality Health, Safety, Environment and Security Policy Statement

Environmental Permit and Waste Acceptance Criteria - WAC

Cyclife UK operators to an Environmental Permit (ZB3335DP) issued by the Environment Agency

With the permit the Environment Agency issues a supporting document (Compilation of Environment Agency Requirements - CEAR) which places additional conditions on Cyclife UK.  The Permit and associated CEAR enables Cyclife UK to operate and Cyclife UK has established comprehensive arrangements to ensure compliance.

One of these arrangements is the Cyclife UK WAC.  This document establishes detailed criteria for the acceptance and treatment of metallic and other wastes by Cyclife UK at the MRF.  All wastes are subject to a Waste Acceptance Review (WAR) where waste is reviewed against Normal Operating Parameters (NOPs); these parameters are simple, usable and provide a robust basis for identifying metals that are treatable by Cyclife UK.  Where waste is outside NOPs the WAR will consider acceptance and treatment in greater details.

Substainability Business Update

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