Cyclife Engineering is the engineering arm of EDF for nuclear D&D

Cyclife Engineering in brief

Location: Cyclife Engineering is located in Lyon (France)
Employees: 100 staff

Created in October 2019, Cyclife Engineering contributes to EDF Group’s international development by providing decommissioning and dismantling services to external customers. Cyclife Engineering also provides studies and engineering design services for the creation of nuclear waste storage and treatment facilities.

About us

Cyclife Engineering is an engineering company specialized in Decommissioning & Dismantling focusing on:

  • The realization of concept and detailed design studies
  • Project management
  • On-site supervision of subcontractors during site workscyclife-engineering-chooz-lwr-dismantling

Cyclife Engineering’s expertize is based on the projects for EDF and for external customers with core experience in:

  • Light water reactors (PWR & BWR)
  • Fast breeder reactors (FBR)
  • Waste management facility designing
  • Other existing technologies in the French nuclear fleet (i.e. heavy water reactors)
  • Sodium circuits (primary and secondary circuits, SG, tanks, cold traps, etc.)

On Light Water Reactors, Cyclife Engineering addresses key scopes of work such as:

  • Nuclear steam supply system (NSSS) dismantling, such as reactor pressure vessels (RPV), reactor pressure vessel internals (RPVI), pressurizers (PZR) and steam generators (SG), etc.
  • Other complex dismantling activities of nuclear facilities, such as biological shields

Targeting a rapid growth

Cyclife Engineering targets a rapid growth to become a leader in dismantling solutions in Europe.
This strong growth is partly fueled by:

  • Its backbone activities to support the needs of EDF Group in D&D with the start of the Fessenheim project and the acceleration of the Group's D&D program
  • The growing needs of the European nuclear operators

Cyclife Engineering's team is international with a deep experience from across Europe, mainly in German, UK, and Swedish environments.

The company counts a variety of profiles from the EDF Group; key nuclear players with long experience in the nuclear industry with innovative backgrounds to keep offering Best Available Techniques to customers in dismantling.

We are hiring

Cyclife Engineering recruits in many fields (mechanical design, civil engineering, handling, electrical / I&C, ventilation, safety, radioprotection, waste management...). All contracts are permanent and based in Lyon (France).

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