Apart from traditional incineration, Cyclife can also use pyrolysis, in which material is treated by dry thermal decomposition in a controlled environment.

Our capabilities and expertise:

Apart from the treatment of organic waste in the incineration facility, Cyclife can also treat organic waste in its own pyrolysis facility, in which material is treated by batch, at a pre-set temperature, in a controlled environment.

Treated waste are mainly dry active waste (DAW) like clothing, paper, plastics, fabric, gloves in the form of discarded coveralls or cloths, but can also contains ion-exchange resins.

The pyrolysis method enables safe and environmentally friendly treatment of uranium contaminated waste. The controlled environment allows the retrieval of uranium from the ashes, for recycling back into the nuclear fuel production cycle.

Reactive waste and waste containing pyrophoric material can also be treated as the pyrolysis has a very high degree of process control, i.e. an accurate control of temperature and atmosphere throughout the process. Such a level of control is impossible to achieve in a conventional incinerator.

The process allow a weight and volume reduction factor of more than 10.