cyclife-incineration-process-factsheetCyclife incinerates combustible, solid and liquid waste. Cyclife also treats waste arising from hospital and laboratories.

Learn more: download the factsheet of Cyclife on the incineration process.

Our capabilities and expertise:
Cyclife is a specialist in combustible waste incineration:
  • Solid waste: waste generated by operations or maintenance on nuclear sites, such as wood, rubber gloves, shoes, tissues, cardboard, Low Level spent ion exchange resins…
  • Liquid waste: dedicated washing solutions, oils, solvents…
  • Waste from hospitals and laboratories using radioactive products.

Cyclife also treats uranium-contaminated waste by pyrolysis in a specialist facility.
Due to high combustion efficiency Cyclife’s methods give a volume reduction of up to 97% and a weight reduction of up to 92%. From the original waste, only residual ash and filter dust is left as a final product for disposal after incineration.
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