Cyclife has developed an offer to treat waste directly on production sites thanks to mobile processing and conditioning units and personnel able to operate on client’s sites.
Our capabilities and expertise:
  • Two mobile units are designed to condition ion exchange resins coming from the primary circuit of nuclear power plants. They are available for any site producing this type of nuclear waste (by early booking).
  • A mobile encapsulating unit conditions radioactive concentrates resulting from evaporation of liquids produced by nuclear facilities.
  • In addition to mobile treatment units, Cyclife is able to deploy experienced employees to site to support inventory determination and waste stream characterisation, and to sort and package waste for consignment.
  • Cyclife also provides a range of services for handling and treating waste on site (decontamination, remediation of circuits and containers…).
  • Our engineers can support such operations if bespoke plant is required. Our radiation protection and safety’s specialists can ensure this work is completed in accordance with all local regulations.