cyclife-metallic-waste-treatment-melting-recycling-factsheetCyclife processes metallic waste and operates blasting of metallic waste, size-reduction, melting operations and clearance.
Download the factsheet of Cyclife on Metallic waste treatment, melting and recycling.

Our capabilities and expertise:
Cyclife‘s facilities in the United Kingdom, Sweden and France process ferrous (iron, steel) and non-ferrous (aluminium, copper, lead, alloys etc.) metals.
Cyclife processes metal waste and operates size-reduction and melting operations. We can complete size reduction, mechanical decontamination and melting of scrap and large components.
Melting of metal scrap, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminium or lead reduces the volume and weight of the waste, resulting in reduced costs for interim on-site storage and final disposal.
Depending on our facility licenses and local regulations, the end product, mostly in metal ingots, can either be:

  • Recycled by release to the market
  • Manufactured to produce shielded waste containers
  • Sent to disposal facilities in a volume-reduced format

Residual products (such as slag, sorted material, cutting and blast residues, packaging and dust from the ventilation filters) and ingots that cannot be released are appropriately characterized and consigned to an optimized disposal route.
For wastes meeting our acceptance criteria, we typically recycle 95% of the incoming weight and secondary wastes requiring disposal are generally only between 3-5% of the processed mass.
All recycling activities are carefully controlled in accordance with prevailing regulations, best practice, and stringent quality control programmes applied by Cyclife.


Example of a metal treatment project : Chapelcross top ducts

Discover our 3 specific sites based in France, Sweden and United Kingdom.

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  • 8500
    tons per year
    of metal waste treated by fusion
  • 3000
    tons per year
    of recycled waste from fusion