cyclife-contaminated-large-component-management-factsheetCyclife owns unique capabilities and expertise for management of large components that saves storage and final disposal costs for customers. Cyclife offerings integrate chemical and physical decontamination.

Learn more: download the factsheet of Cyclife on the management of contaminated large components.

Our capabilities and expertise:
Cyclife owns and operates facilities for processing and recycling large components originating from the international nuclear industry.
Large metal components can be steam generators, turbines, heat exchangers, reactor vessel heads, reactor vessels. Due to their size, they present a significant challenge.
Our Swedish Waste Treatment Facility is specially designed with access to a deep-sea harbor to receive and offload large components up to 400 tons arriving by ship. Depending on the type of component, Cyclife carries out decontamination using chemical or mechanical methods before size reduction by segmentation and melting.

Our French plant can host parts up to 200 tons and 19 meters long. These parts will be cut, sorted and treated according to the best techno-economic choice.

Example of a metal treatment project : Chapelcross top ducts

Discover our 3 specific sites based in France, Sweden and United Kingdom.

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  • 3.000
    of metal waste reduced at Cyclife facilities
  • 400
    and up to 30 meter long components can be processed by Cyclife facilities