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Radioactive waste management and treatment

30/05/2018 Cyclife carries out an accurate physical and radiological waste inventory to optimize waste management by selecting the optimal route for each waste.

Which waste routes to choose?

15/01/2017 Cyclife operates three European waste treatment facilities each with unique capabilities and existing secondary waste routes. Cyclife ensures that waste is routed to the facility which offers customers the best technical, economic and regulatory solution.

Waste storage and disposal developments

15/01/2017 Design of temporary waste storage facilities and design studies with Andra for the construction of the French deep geological disposal (Cigéo) dedicated to high level waste.

Waste treatment engineering

15/01/2017 Cyclife provides engineering solutions for the design of waste treatment facilities and innovative processes in this field.

Waste treatment

Sorting, segregating, packaging and transport

15/01/2017 Cyclife supports its customers for waste management and transport from their nuclear site.

On-site waste management services

15/01/2017 Cyclife has developed an offer to treat waste directly on production sites thanks to mobile processing and conditioning units and personnel able to operate on client’s sites.

Metallic waste treatment, melting and recycling

15/01/2017 Cyclife processes metallic waste and operates blasting of metallic waste, size-reduction, melting operations and clearance.

Management of large contaminated metal components

15/01/2017 Cyclife owns unique capabilities and expertise for management of large components that saves storage and final disposal costs for customers. Cyclife offerings integrate chemical and physical decontamination.

Radioactive waste incineration solutions

15/01/2017 Cyclife incinerates combustible, solid and liquid waste. Cyclife also treats waste arising from hospital and laboratories.

Treatment of radioactive waste by pyrolysis

02/01/2018 Cyclife, apart from traditional incineration, can also use pyrolysis, in which material is treated by dry thermal decomposition in a controlled environment.

  • 3 000
    tons per year

    Cyclife - production facilities 1 [EN]

    Of recycled waste from melting

  • 50
    tons per year

    Cyclife - production facilities 2 [EN]

    Of waste treated by pyrolysis