Cyclife can provide on-site decommissioning projects, taking benefits of its technical expertise in decontamination of systems, structures and sites (soil and groundwater).

Our capabilities and expertise:

As the world’s largest nuclear owner operator, and with 9 NPPs currently undergoing decommissioning: EDF understands the needs of both operating and decommissioning an NPP, and the implementation of top-level safety measures.

Preparation for decommissioning already under way for NPPs currently operated by EDF: 58 PWRs in France, 15 reactors in the UK (14 AGRs, 1 PWR), some of which have shut-downs scheduled in the coming years.

Complex situations successfully managed: EDF has dealt with administrative shutdowns on short notice (e.g. Creys-Malville reactor), demanding a fast response to plan and manage decommissioning, including innovative solutions for waste management.