Custom-tailored on-site services

Cyclife France operates the Saint-Dizier maintenance base (in France's Haute-Marne département) on behalf of the EDF group.

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The maintenance facility for the nuclear fleet

The Saint-Dizier maintenance base meets the increasing maintenance requirements at EDF's nuclear power plants. The facility handles the various components and tools used for activities carried out during scheduled outages at the 58 reactors in EDF's nuclear fleet. The Saint-Dizier maintenance base offers flexible modular capabilities, can be adapted to a wide range of operations, and has the extensive logistical resources it needs to receive equipment, and dispatch it to customer sites within short turnaround times.

Operation on behalf of EDF

Cyclife France (an EDF subsidiary) operates the site on behalf of the parent group. Cyclife France provides industrial accommodation services to support workers in the execution of maintenance work.

Cyclife France's main missions as the facility operator are as follows:

  • Logistics: handling of packages required for the execution of maintenance work, and supply of consumables.
  • Utilities: provision of utility equipment for maintenance work (water, air, electricity, tenting, radiological protection, consumables, etc.).
  • Industrial safety: ensuring that activities take place under optimum conditions of industrial safety.
  • Services: machining, testing and statutory inspection services for measuring instruments and handling equipment.
  • Availability: operation and maintenance of the facility in accordance with statutory requirements.
  • Industrial support services: making life easier for workers in the local environment.

More than 20 Cyclife France employees have operated the facility since its startup. The technical content of the activities requires a high level of skills and qualifications. Around sixty employees of EDF contractors are involved in the maintenance work.

Cyclife France is responsible for technical and statutory oversight of the facility, in accordance with French regulations on Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment, in respect of the following activities:

  • Nuclear activities involving the deployment of radioactive substances;
  • Mechanical metal working, fabrication, and use or storage of greenhouse gases containing fluorine.

The new building, with a total area of 18,000 square metres, entered service in October 2018, and comprises an administrative zone, a maintenance zone and a storage/warehouse zone.