Collection and transport

Cyclife France offers its customers a comprehensive radioactive waste collection and transport service, from their place of origin. This activity is carried out using a dedicated transport fleet.

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Cyclife France makes its own packages available to customers for the collection of radioactive waste and materials.

The following containers are available:

  • 51
    for transport of incinerable or metal waste and final packages
  • 6
    for transport of boric acid concentrate tank loading kits
  • 7
    for transport of boric acid and aqueous concentrate
  • 6
    for transport of leaching effluents
  • 2
    for transport of oils and solvents

Cyclife France maintains its collection equipment in good operational condition, enabling it to provide a comprehensive waste handling service, including on-site collection, treatment by melting or incineration at the Centraco plant, and conveyance of fabricated final packages to an approved storage facility (or return to the producer in the case of foreign waste).

All containers supplied Cyclife France meet the requirements of ISO standards (this is stated on a CSC plate). Containers and packaging materials meet the applicable requirements for the transport of waste by road (ADR).

All packages are inspected periodically by an accredited body to ensure that they comply with applicable standards.