Cylife France 2022 facts and figures

The men and women behind the scenes

Cyclife France is: 286 employees and a score of 88/100 on the gender equality index

At the end of 2022, Cyclife France was employing 286 people and working with around 150 service providers in various fields.

29 people were recruited in 2022 and 18 interns and trainees were welcomed to share our knowledge and expertise. More than 13,000 hours of training were given to Cyclife France employees, including more than 7,000 hours on safety and radiation protection.  

Cyclife France has announced an overall score of 84/100 in the Gender Equality Index for 2023

For each of the indicators, the results achieved in 2022 are:

  • Pay gap (%): 34/40
  • Gap in individual salary increases (in % points): 20/20
  • Promotion gap (in % points): 15/15
  • Employees receiving a pay rise on return from maternity leave (%) 22 : 15/15
  • Number of employees of the under-represented gender in the top 10 highest earners: 0/10  
Gender equality

The steady increase observed since the publication of these results (+20 points since 2018) reflects Cyclife France's commitment to professional equality.

In 2023, Cyclife France achieved a score of 84/100. As this is less than 85 points, improvement targets have been set for each indicator for which the maximum score has not been achieved, i.e. indicators 1 and 5:

  • Indicator 1: Pay gap 
    Get closer to the maximum score by annually reducing unjustified pay gaps that are not based on objective and relevant criteria, so as to ensure equal pay for women and men for the same work or for work of equal value.
  • Indicator 5: The number of employees of the under-represented sex in the top 10 highest earners
    Obtain 5 points for the presence of 2 women among the employees receiving the 10 highest salaries in the company by implementing all possible actions, i.e.: salary increases based on objective and relevant criteria and/or internal mobility and/or recruitment".

Since the law adopted on 05 September 2018, companies with more than 50 employees must: 

  • Calculate this overall score and publish it on their website on the 1st of March each year, as well as the result obtained for each of the 5 indicators,
  • Take the necessary corrective action if the overall score obtained is less than 75%, otherwise a financial penalty of up to 1% of their total payroll may be imposed.

Since this obligation in 2018, Cyclife France calculates and publishes its professional equality index every year.                                      

Productivity data for the year 2022

The Centraco site was commissioned in 1999. More than 108,000 tonnes of waste have been processed since then
Since 1996, more than 5,000 m3 of resins have been treated with Mercure machines, including 194m3 in 2022. 84 containers have been treated with the Umis

Incineration: 3,858 tonnes of solid and liquid waste incinerated
Melting: 561 tonnes of scrap metal melted
Mobile units
On site services:  
- 194 m3 of resins conditioned by the Mercure process (machines for coating resins in a shell using epoxy resins)
- 82 containers inspected by the UMIS (mobile on-site intervention unit)
Studies, Engineering
Engineering : 20,976 hours spent on studies
Other activities Industrial operator
Other activities: 49 containers reconditioned as part of the waste sorting and packaging service for EDF nuclear power plants (NPPs)


Health, safety and environment at Cyclife France

Cyclife France provided 7,480 hours of in-house training and awareness-raising on safety, security and radiation protection, carried out 12 crisis exercises and did not exceed any gaseous or liquid release thresholds

Health, safety and the environment are priorities for Cyclife France. 

Here are some figures for 2022 that reflect our commitment:

  • 0 exceedance of gas or liquid emission limits
  • 0.23 mSv average individual dose, 3.57 mSv maximum dose (the French annual limit per employee is 20 mSv)
  • 10 incidents with no impact on personnel, the environment, or the plant
  • 12 STOP SECURITY meetings
  • 12 crisis exercises
  • 7,480 hours of training and awareness-raising on safety and radiation protection.

The local footprint of Cyclife France

Cyclife France generated sales of €95 million, which generated €1.8 million in local taxes and charges, which were used to finance investments at regional level

Located in Codolet (South of France), in the Gard region, on the border of the Ardèche, Drôme and Vaucluse départements, Cyclife France manages, among other things, the Centraco industrial site, which was commissioned in 1999

The 11-hectare site has two production units (an incineration furnace and a smelting furnace), a maintenance department for both units, leachate tanks, a storage area, administrative offices, and a visitor information centre.

In 2022, Cyclife France achieved a turnover of 95 million euros, which was used to finance local investments, in particular 34.4 million euros in local purchases in Occitanie, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, two neighbouring regions.

Cyclife France has also contributed to local life by paying around 1.8 million euros in local taxes in 2022.