Expertise in radioactive waste management


Cyclife France supports producers of nuclear waste by offering them turnkey solutions based on its expertise and know-how in the management of very low to medium level radioactive waste.
From the design to the construction and operation of processes such as those in its plant in the south of France or its mobile units that travel to producers' sites throughout France, Cyclife France contributes to the treatment and evacuation of its customers' waste to its final repository by reducing their volume.


Cyclife France Management


Founded in 1990, Cyclife France is part of the Cyclife Group, a 100% subsidiary of the EDF Group. 
The Management Committee of Cyclife France SA is made up of 8 members who share their skills at the service of the company's development.


Cyclife France Key figures

Facts and figures

Each year, Cyclife France publishes the key facts and figures from the previous year, such as production data, gender equality index, regional impact, etc.


Cyclife France's commitments and responsibilities

Commitments and responsibilities

As a responsible industrial company, Cyclife is committed!
Safety is a priority for all Cyclife France employees, who work hard to comply with nuclear safety and operational requirements. Cyclife France is also committed to limiting its impact on the environment.
Cyclife France has four Afnor certifications: Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and, since 2023, Energy Efficiency.


Cyclife France subsidiary: CDB

Subsidiary CDB

CDB (Conditionnement Déchets Béton) is a subsidiary of Cyclife France specialising in the manufacture of concrete containers used to package nuclear waste for final disposal.