Santa Maria de Garoña NPP, Spain


BWR (General Electrics) 466 MW

  • 987 metric t. of large component + scrap metal from turbine island
  • Turbine rotors, turbine casings, heat exchangers, etc.
  • 3 shipments from Spain to Sweden

Our proposal

4 main phases

  • Preparations: on-site at Garona NPP
  • Processing
  • Clearance at Cyclife Sweden
  • Return of residues to Spain

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  • 95% of the total tonnage was converted to well characterized metal ingots
  • Most ingots met the conditions for direct clearance and recycling back to the conventional industry, some will be stored for decay prior to clearance and recycling; a few melt batches and residues will return for final disposal
  • The 95% volume reduction target met, defined as reduction of disposal volume