Focus on metallic waste treatment, melting and metal recycling

Upon prior investigation, decontamination operations of metallic waste can be performed, for example by blasting. Cyclife can carry out this decontamination directly on-site (in dedicated workshops) or in its own facilities. material is segmented, decontaminated, possibly melted, inspected and characterised for clearance. Within these options, melting allows further decontamination and a significant volume reduction of the waste and thereby reducing the disposal costs. Cyclife solution will improve savings by minimising interim on-site storage and space capacity in the final repository. The volume reduction is of a factor of 10 to 15.

The metal can then be released to recycling, according to local regulations, and secondary wastes will be safely conditioned for disposal, along with any metals that might not meet specific recycling criteria, if any.

Metal treatment services are also available for waste from the maintenance or upgrade operation of nuclear facilities, avoiding on-site interim storage.

Cyclife's Waste Decontamination and Volume Reduction by Melting