Magnox, Chapel Cross NPP, UK


Top gas ducts transferred hot gas from the graphite core to the boilers (primary circuit).

  • 820t: 4 reactors with 4 boilers/reactor
  • Components de-planted and laid-down prior to contract
  • Metallic components as surface-contaminated LLW. (Contamination up to 25,000 Bq/cm² / Doses rates up to 1.1 mSv/h /Dominating nuclides : Co-60, Cs-137, Pu-241, Sr-90)
  • Elbows transported on road to the UK / RoRo ferry shipment to Sweden and finally road transport to site
  • Gas duct assemblies transported and loaded to a chartered geared vessel for direct shipment to Cyclife Sweden site

Our proposal

  • Initial segmentation
  • Asbestos/insulation removal by dedicated crew in special tent
  • Size reduction to allow decontamination and melting
  • Inspection upon completed decontamination
  • Stacking of material prior to melting
  • Casting of ingots upon completion of slag removal ans sampling

Customer benefits

  • Fast removal from site
  • Proven and safe solution
  • Low total cost


  • All gantry material met criteria for direct general clearance: i.e. without melting.
  • 127 melt batches were conducted in total: 98.4% of the produced ingots became subject to clearance and 96.4% recycling rate in the melting process
  • >90% total recycling rate, considering all material shipped for disassembly and treatment