EDF, ICEDA Project, France


EDF needs to design a new storage and maintenance facility for the waste containers called R73 and the associated set of equipment.


The facility design shall face various challenges. First, the compactness of the building shall ensure the minimisation of the occupied surface area. The facility must also deal with the decontamination of the incoming R73 prior to their maintenance, allowing their re-use with no residual contamination.

The facility shall as well provide a bunker area for the long-term storage, for over 20 years, of activated components packaged in specific large containers (R73L).

Our proposal

Cyclife Engineering has been assigned for the basic design of the facility including:

  • Pre-sizing of the installation (including civil works engineering for the metallic frame structure with double skin cladding and concrete pillboxes)
  • Nuclear ventilation study
  • Storage layout study (stacking of R73 containers on 3 levels)
  • Various handling equipment (30 tonnes low-height overhead crane, L-shaped door, handling corridor equipment)

Studies are continuing with the detailed design of the facility, which will include the technical specifications for the equipment supply.

Customer benefits

  • Strong client support during the project development
  • Design fed by the operating principles inherited from ICEDA facility


  • Storage capability of 72 containers R73
  • Processing capacity of 1 container per week