Our References

  • EDF
  • CEA
  • IRSN
  • SPIE
  • Cyclife France
  • Cyclife UK Ltd.
  • IAEA (CH)
  • WOOD

Our History


  • OREKA Solutions becomes Cyclife Digital Solutions EDF Group


  • OREKA Solutions becomes a subsidiary of EDF Group
    Participation at the WNE 2018 trade exhibition
    OREKA Solutions wins the Innovation Award in the SME category at the WNE Awards 2018


  • OREKA Solutions becomes the 27th member of PVSI
    Our CEO Luc Ardellier is interviewed by Les Echos, La Revue Générale du Nucléaire and L'Express
    DEMplus® is mentioned in the annual report of SELLAFIELD (UK)
    OREKA Solutions is the winner of the BIG 2017 Digital Special Award
    DEMplus® is mentioned in the newsletter of the GDES group


  • OREKA Solutions is referenced as a key player by the DGE
    DEMplus® can be used with a VR helmet
    OREKA Solutions is recognized as an innovative company and was mentioned such as a key player in the Study of the Key Technologies 2020, published by the DGE, in the energy field and more particularly in the section “Technologies for the nuclear energy”
    DEMplus® is used in the SELLAFIELD site
    Luc Ardellier, CEO of OREKA Solutions, wins the prize awarded to 50 personalities from Grand-Avignon in the French Tech category


  • Success of our second fundraising
    Success of our second fundraising with the historical investors
    Launch of the 3rd version of our software DEMplus® for nuclear!


  • Industrial deployment of DEMplus® for nuclear
    Launch of the collaborative platform DEMplus® Community
    Signature for a strategic agreement with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) concerning the application of DEMplus® for nuclear with the framework of the projects of purification and dismantling, and on the exploitation of the immersive room in the CEA of Marcoule
    Signature for a strategic agreement with INSTN, for using DEMplus® for nuclear  in their trainings by the institute and OREKA Solutions
    OREKA Sud expand its offer and becomes OREKA Solutions to meet the needs of a project in its totality, in France as well as abroad


  • Industrial launch of DEMplus® for nuclear
    Signature for an agreement with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) to transfer and implement real-time simulation technological bricks
    SORIDEC (www.irdisoridec.fr), CEA Investment (www.cea-investissement.com), AREVADELFI (www.orano.com), “SCR Provençale” and Corsica investment in the capital of OREKA Sud
    Financing from the BPI and the Region Languedoc Roussillon
    4 October: : Seminar for the launch of DEMplus® for nuclear in the presence of more than 100 persons in Marcoule



  • Launch of the concept of DEMplus® for nuclear, software used for interventions in nuclear field
    Financial support from the region Languedoc Roussillon (Help to the technological feasibility)
    Obtention of an honor loan by CREALIA www.crealia.org


  • Creation of OREKA SOLUTIONS
    Launch of services of expertise (definition of decommissioning strategy) and training (project management of dismantling)
    Support by the company Innov'Up, intended for the innovative companies www.innovup.com