Our Mission

Created in 2010, Cyclife Digital Solutions (formerly OREKA Solutions until September 2019) has been developing and providing tools based on a multi-criteria approach for operations in the industrial and nuclear fields.

The award-winning, DEMplus® for nuclear, is a decision-support tool based on real-time 3D technologies for the simulation of interventions. It provides a range of results: costs, time, waste and dose.

Within Cyclife Digital Solutions, we are keen to provide global solutions for the purpose of optimizing the works projects in the industrial and nuclear facilities while securing and controlling the risks.

We propose simulation solutions to determine the feasibility of operations and calculate, efficiently and in real-time, costs, time, waste and risks of a project.

Our Vision

At Cyclife Digital Solutions, we are convinced that the company is above all a federation of talents, whose diversity is a source of creativity and innovation.
The Team
Cyclife Digital Solutions is a dynamic, motivated, and above all, close-knit team.
Different but complementary people who work together to make the most of their talents.
Engineers, developers, researchers, entrepreneurs and salespeople... so many different profiles that contribute to the life of the company.
Network of Experts
Cyclife Digital Solutions relies on a network of experts, with a combined experience of over 40 years in the industry and nuclear fields.