EDF, Atelier des Matériaux Irradiés - AMI, France


EDF’s Atelier des Matériaux Irradiés (AMI) is under final shutdown. Its decommissioning phase related activities is to start. Since 95% of the nuclear inventory have been evacuated (storing pits and remaining fuel pellets), the next step for EDF is the preparation of decommissioning operations in terms of electrical distribution and the adaptation of ventilation.


In the early steps of the decommissioning program, the Client intends to adapt and simplify the existing support functions to the needs of the coming decommissioning operations.

Our proposal

Cyclife had provided its expertise with the following activities:

  • Adaptation and simplification of the electrical distribution
  • Simplification of the existing HVAC system of the installation and design of a temporary ventilation system for the decommissioning phase

Customer benefits

  • Electrical distribution: a comparison of two scenarios has been provided to the client selective shutdown of the circuits
  • Ventilation: a flexible and modular temporary ventilation system specifically design for the decommissioning phase


  • 600 electrical switchboards, cabinets and boxes distributed over 4 levels investigated in 3 months
  • 30,000 m³/h ventilation airflow available for the decommissioning in a modular system