Focus on the management of retired large components

Cyclife recommends to extract steam generators from the reactor building for later treatment, which can be done in Cyclife’s dedicated offsite facilities across Europe, or in temporary workshops in-situ depending on the chosen scenario.

De-planting, transport and shipping for off-site treatment of components, should be advocated for steam generators and other large components including racks, pressurisers, heat exchangers or the turbine components of a Boiling Water Reactor. It enables the assessment of waste containers and their contents to support repackaging (where necessary), their preparation for onward consignment and transport; all within a confined nuclear compliant mobile structure located in an external lay down area.

Waste volume reduction has a factor of 10 to 15 through the treatment in Cyclife’s facilities. Cyclife offers turn-key solutions, starting with organising multi-modal transport, waste treatment through our nuclear licensed facilities, and conditioning the secondary waste for disposal. Upon prior investigation, decontamination operations of the large components can be performed, for example by blasting.

Cyclife can carry out this decontamination directly on-site (in dedicated workshops) or in its own facilities. Concerning steam generators, Cyclife has unique expertise in the treatment of the primary and secondary components (cutting and tube removal).

Metallic material is segmented, decontaminated, possibly melted, inspected and characterised for clearance.

Cyclife's Management of Contaminated Large Components