Cyclife France, France


The objective is to carry out a basic design for the refurbishment of a workshop allowing the handling, cutting and packaging of metal large components coming from the dismantling of nuclear facilities before treatment (furnace) on the Cyclife France site


The challenge is to redevelop the existing facility, to optimise the use of existing equipment and to install others, in order to design a workshop capable of handling all the waste included in the specifications.

Our proposal

Cyclife Engineering has been assigned for the basic design of the facility including:

  • A comparative study of different cutting techniques for this waste
  • Proposals for installing tools in a 3D model
  • Flow analysis based on cutting speed assumptions

Customer benefits

Decision support for the layout of this workshop presenting an important challenge for the development of Cyclife France activity


  • A description of the installation including analyses of the different trades: installation, civil engineering, HVAC, electrical systems, utilities and fluid systems.
  • A presentation of different scenarios for next step (decision making and development).