Delphine Servot has been appointed as Managing Director "Verkställande Direktör" of  Cyclife Sweden AB.

Delphine has been working for Cyclife Sweden since September 2019, first as customer project manager then as lead of the customer project managers and member of the management team. In that last position, Delphine was also in charge of tender management, customer sites services and contract management.

Delphine has been with EDF for the last 15 years. After working as external auditor with KPMG, Delphine Servot joined EDF in 2004 as internal auditor. Since 2007, Delphine has mainly worked in engineering and construction projects for EDF from Liquified Natural Gas terminal in North of France to New Nuclear Build projects (France, China, Finland and UK). In her last position prior to Cyclife, Delphine Servot was Project Manager within the Nuclear Fleet Lifespan Extension Program, in charge of engineering and construction projects for environmental compliance and optimization of chemical processes of the 58 French nuclear reactors.

Delphine’s background spans over a large range of roles, from team leader to project manager. Her key drivers, essential to manage the company in a mid-term perspective of strong growth, have always been to continuously learn by exploring new technical areas in combination with change management.

Delphine Servot will be the successor of Ralph Norden. The appointment of Delphine Servot is effective from 11 October 2021.