Through this strategic acquisition, Cyclife a subsidiary of EDF, reaffirms its ambition to become the European leader in the management of radioactive waste and in the deconstruction and dismantling of nuclear facilities, by offering a unique offer integrating digital services dedicated to the control and optimization of these major operations.

Realisation of scenario or design studies, site preparation, visualization of premises that are difficult to access, remote visit and inspection of installations or even training, nuclear operators, throughout the life cycle of their installation, are moving towards increased use of twins and digital tools to improve their level of control and optimize their interventions. The acquisition of Quadrica responds to this demand. Its 3D visualization tools "MySurvey" and virtual reality "Virtual Survey" are already widely used by several manufacturers. The main markets addressed by the start-up also cover sectors other than the nuclear industry and allow it to consider offering these highly innovative services to potential new customers, particularly in the process industries.

In terms of dismantling and nuclear waste management, the acquisition completes the range of digital services already provided by Cyclife through its subsidiary Cyclife Digital Solutions. Cyclife now covers a significant part of the data value chain: the visualization and exploitation of 3D data (MySurvey and Virtual Survey software developed by Quadrica), the production of BIM models (Building Information Modeling) and the digital simulation of intervention scenarios (DEMplus® simulation software developed by Cyclife Digital Solutions).

On April 1, 2022, Quadrica SAS becomes a 100% subsidiary of Cyclife SAS. Liam Perrier is appointed general manager of the company, Bernard Chayla and Francois Xavier-Eeckman continue the Quadrica adventure as director of operations and commercial director.

Liam Perrier recently appointed, explains: "The 3D data processing and visualization solutions developed by Quadrica already been widely acclaimed by the market, complement Cyclife's digital offer which thus enables it to better support its industrial customers in the optimization of its interventions on complex installations.".

Also speaking on the subject, Estelle Desroches CEO of Cyclife said: “We are convinced that the use of digital tools to better understand the environment in which the operations entrusted to us by our clients are carried out is a major asset. The software bricks and services offered by Quadrica are great tools for decision support or site preparation that we will integrate into Cyclife's unique offer to optimize, in a systemic logic, dismantling and waste treatment.".

About Quadrica

The mission of Quadrica, a French publisher created in 2016, is to develop a software suite for the exploitation and visualization (including in virtual reality) of "digital twin" type data such as point clouds, Ultra High Definition photos and 3D models. The objective is to meet emerging operational needs in the field of infrastructure life cycle operations engineering, from their construction, maintenance, to dismantling (Digital Twin, Factory 4.0).