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Cyclife launches its Decommissioning business line in the UK

Publish on 13/10/2020

With the creation of its Decommissioning business line, Cyclife UK becomes the market-facing entity of the EDF Group in the country. In addition to its existing catalogue of consultancy and services in Waste Management, Cyclife UK will serve customers with the support of its sister companies: in the development of graphite reactor dismantling tools from Graphitech, 3D scenario and dose modelling from Cyclife Digital Solutions, and a range of advanced engineering design skills and peer review/benchmarking from Cyclife Engineering.

Cyclife has launched its decommissioning business in the UK with the recruitment of a team of specialists led by Emmanuelle Chardon, who has joined the company recently from Jacobs. As the market-facing decommissioning entity for the EDF Group in the UK, the new business line will also leverage the full learning and best practices developed on the French graphite reactor fleet and experience feedback from PWR (Pressurised Water Reactor) dismantling, along with the range of innovative and unique offerings developed by Cyclife UK’s sister companies (Graphitech, Cyclife Digital Solutions and Cyclife Engineering).

As well as developing a team of UK-based decommissioning specialists, we are strongly supported by EDF’s existing decommissioning teams and in particular the formation of Cyclife sister companies such as Graphitech”, explained Emmanuelle Chardon, Head of the Decommissioning at Cyclife UK. Graphitech is a joint venture company established in 2019 between Cyclife and Veolia Nuclear Solutions, engaged in developing tools for graphite reactor core dismantling and the design of an Industrial Demonstration facility at the Chinon NPP in France to test core dismantling techniques in full-scale.

A broad range of services across the decommissioning lifecycle

Cyclife has been paving the way for the UK nuclear industry to adopt a value-driving Waste-Led Decommissioning approach for over ten years. By implementing a truly waste-led decommissioning philosophy, customers are able to create value for money through liability reduction. Through the new Decommissioning Business Line, Cyclife UK will specifically offer the following services to customers across the decommissioning lifecycle:

  • Decommissioning strategy and scenario development pre-and post-defueling
  • Full-site decommissioning planning and implementation
  • Specialist engineering and design services
  • Specialist waste management and environmental consultancy services
  • Project planning, management and controls
  • On and offsite waste management services

“Through this unique combination of strategic planning, cutting-edge decommissioning technologies, site execution and embedded waste management services with full nuclear-liability transfer, Cyclife’s customers can take a new, holistic approach to decommissioning that will reduce interfaces, save time and cost, and ensure the safe delivery of clear and tangible progress.”, commented Joe Robinson, Managing Director of Cyclife UK.

A natural evolution

Since its acquisition by EDF in 2016, Cyclife in the UK has been requested by its customers to take on increasing complex projects involving consultancy, site works and waste shipments, which provide underpinning core skills to support the development of the Decommissioning business line. The company has previously provided decommissioning support to a portfolio of customers including Magnox, Sellafield and General Electric and already has the systems and personnel in place to deliver a wide range of decommissioning services, including strategy and programme management consultancy, scenario development and analysis, and technical engineering design and delivery.
Cyclife will initially focus on the development of decommissioning strategies and plans for customers particularly bringing to bear expertise developed in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities in France and a waste-led approach.

EDF Chinon Nuclear Power Plant, France

Picture at the top, the new Decommissioning team of Cyclife in the UK, from left to right:
  • Craig Preston, Senior Project Manager
  • Lisa Hughes, Principal Consultant
  • Neil Parton, Data Scientist
  • Nick Meek, Technical Manager
  • Emmanuelle Chardon, Head of Decommissioning
  • Tim Shoesmith and Tim Kane, Decommissioning Planners
Further colleagues are already confirmed to join the team.

Cyclife’s Swedish facility has started to receive SOGIN Garigliano NPP’s dismantling waste for treatment

Publish on 17/09/2020

SOGIN, the Italian State-owned company responsible for the decommissioning of Italian nuclear power plants and the management of radioactive waste, and Cyclife Sweden AB, a brand of the EDF Group, have started the shipment for the treatment of low-level waste of metal scrap of the Garigliano Nuclear Power Plant.
With a total of approx. 500 tons of metal scrap covered by the contract, the shipment from Garigliano to Nyköping will be split in several shipments as decommissioning progresses. The first shipment of approx. 80 tonnes has now safely arrived at the facility of Cyclife in Sweden. Cyclife will process the metallic waste with the aim to reduce the volume of waste for SOGIN to place in future Italian national repository, down to approximately 10% of its original volume. The bulk metal will, after clearance from regulatory control, be recycled back to industry as environmentally friendly raw material. The coming shipments of the rest of the metal scrap to Cyclife’s Swedish facility is planned in near future.
This project - Alfonso Maria Esposito, Head of Decommissioning of the Garigliano plant, declared - is part of Sogin's circular economy strategy, which is based on the minimization of radioactive waste and on the separation of metallic materials and concrete for their reuse and recycling. This strategy – Alfonso Maria Esposito continued - will allow Sogin to recycle 96% of the approximately 270,000 tons of materials which will be produced as a whole by the dismantling of the Garigliano plant”.
Thanks to the robust waste management consultancy campaign proposed by Cyclife Sweden AB, SOGIN had the authorization from the Italian State to process metal scrap at Cyclife Sweden AB. As a continuation of the same contract it is expected that within a short timeline the transports from Latina and Trino NPPs will commence.
Henrik Modéer, Managing Director of Cyclife Sweden AB ”Cyclife has once again proven to be a full-service provider to the nuclear industry and its decommissioning efforts. The dedicated team with staff both in Sweden and Italy has supported SOGIN in all engineering efforts to get all approvals in place and now the first transport has arrived from Garigliano. Cyclife is fully dedicated to support SOGIN and other nuclear installations in their important and challenging task of reducing and recycling metal waste volumes arising from decommissioning of nuclear plants”.

Cyclife to support UK NDA’s decommissioning mission

Publish on 27/08/2020

Cyclife are proud to be within the Eden Nuclear and Environment Ltd team who have been awarded a place on the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s Direct Research Portfolio (2020-2024) for “Integrated Waste Management, and Site Decommissioning and Remediation.”

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) awarded R&D contracts to look for innovative solutions to the technical challenges of delivering the NDA’s decommissioning mission. The Direct Research Portfolio (DRP) contracts will be shared by a series of consortia involving established nuclear companies, global cross-sector corporations, UK universities, national laboratories, plus small and medium-sized enterprises. The new contracts will run for four years, replacing the previous DRPs awarded in 2016, and follow a six-month procurement process. 12 consortia were successful involving over 60 organisations in total. The Eden Nuclear and Environment Ltd team is one of them and is supported by Cyclife, Gardiner & Theobald, Golder Associates (UK) Ltd, Hydrock Consultants Ltd, Integrated Decision Management (IDM), University of Bristol and WSP UK Ltd.
“We are delighted to work again with the NDA. Cyclife are always striving to engage with our customers at the earliest possible stage and the NDA framework will give us the opportunity to offer strategic development and innovative technologies including novel treatment capabilities through our R&D process to full-scale commercial development. ” Andrew Laker, Head of Consultancy, Cyclife UK.

Cyclife supports young talents

Publish on 29/07/2020

Since 2016, Cyclife UK’s MRF (Metals Recycling Facility) has actively supported the Dream Placement programme run by the Centre for Leadership Performance based in Cumbria. The programme aims to give young people in Cumbria experience of leadership through a week-long industrial placement. That is how in 2016, Cyclife employed Abigail Caldow as a Project Coordinator after her successful placement. Similarly in 2018, Katherine Armstrong also joined MRF in transport and logistics services.

Because Katherine displayed such a potential and a high degree of maturity and professionalism for her age that Cyclife created an apprenticeship position for her. Katherine now leads on coordinating package supply and logistics operations for Cyclife UK. She is even temporarily acting as customer point of contact for our work with EDF Energy, after only 18 months of her career. This is a fantastic achievement.

Katherine has all the right skills and attitude to be a future senior leader within Cyclife. It is vitally important that Cyclife seizes every opportunity to acquire the best and brightest talent in support of its mission to become European leader in waste management and decommissioning”, concludes Joe Robinson, Managing Director at Cyclife UK MRF.

Between the UK and Sweden: Cyclife on the road again!

Publish on 30/06/2020

After these challenging and unprecedented times, the whole platform of Cyclife is pleased to announce that Cyclife in the UK resumes shipments of customers’ metallic waste to Cyclife located in Sweden. The shipment arrived in Sweden on 29 June 2020 having left the UK just a few days earlier. The route has been operating efficiently for more than a decade and helps provide the best environmental solution for the UK’s nuclear industry. “The route guarantees an efficient and safe service for customers on the UK market” commented Henrik Modéer, Director, Cyclife Sweden.

For the past 10 years, Cyclife UK Ltd. has its Metals Recycling Facility (MRF) near Workington in Cumbria. The site has been offering solutions to meet the growing needs of nuclear industry to dismantle, reduce and recycle their waste. Cyclife UK is a leader in the treatment of low-level radioactive waste, with a market share of more than 90% for metallic waste in the UK. Cyclife Sweden AB is located outside Nyköping on the east coast of Sweden. The facility has been providing waste treatment services to domestic and international customers for 40 years. All treatment services provided include volume reduction and treatment (hot and cold cutting, melting, incineration and pyrolysis) is always carried out in customer-specific campaigns.  The treatment of metallic waste consists of a series of services: segmentation, decontamination, melting (up to 5,000 tons per year), clearance and recycling of produced metal ingots, characterisation and conditioning of secondary waste for return to customer.

Thanks to its close link and communications over the years, both facilities provide built-in flexibility, which means that we can continue to deliver all contracts for our UK customers in 2020”, declared Joe Robinson, Director, Cyclife UK.
The platform of Cyclife provides solutions for the optimised and sustainable management of nuclear waste and the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear installations. With its three sites in the United Kingdom, Sweden and France, its subsidiaries Cyclife Digital Solutions, Cyclife Engineering and more recently Graphitech, Cyclife offers a range of activities that extends from building the physical and radiological inventory of a nuclear installation, on-site technical support for decontamination and a wide range of dismantling services including cold and hot segmentation (e.g. for primary circuits or other reactor cooling systems).

Marina Hashim, Cyclife’s new CEO

Publish on 23/03/2020

Marina Hashim takes the lead of Cyclife, the EDF subsidiary in charge of nuclear decommissioning and waste management worldwide.

@EDF Sophie Guichard, Communication Direction

Marina Hashim joins Cyclife, with a European presence through its three subsidiaries dedicated to the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear installations (Cyclife Engineering, Cyclife Digital Solutions and Graphitech) and its three radioactive waste management and treatment facilities located in France (Gard), the United Kingdom (Workington) and Sweden (Nyköping).

Marina joined EDF in 2014 in Abu Dhabi as Managing Director of EDF Middle East.
Since 2018, she has led the ultimate back-up diesels generator for the Post-Fukushima program for the French nuclear fleet lifetime extension of nuclear power plants in operation. Graduated engineer, Marina Hashim has a professional international background in Industry and Energy: Alstom, Bouygues Construction and Areva internationally.
In her new position, Marina Hashim is committed to the subsidiary’s ambition to become the European leader in nuclear decommissioning and waste management. She chairs the Boards of Directors of Cyclife France, Cyclife UK and Cyclife Sweden. She is also the Managing Director of Cyclife Holding.
“I am thrilled to join Cyclife, a key player in the nuclear industry. Over the last few years, Cyclife has already booked some major contracts in Europe with SOGIN, ENRESA, LLWR and UNIPER. We are keeping on our efforts to strengthen Cyclife’s position as the European leader in the nuclear decommissioning, dismantling and waste management.” said Marina Hashim.

Cyclife keep in being at your side

Publish on 19/03/2020

Dear Customer,

During this unprecedented Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, Cyclife hope that you and your families and colleagues remain safe.

The Nuclear industry has a culture of putting safety and sense of service at the forefront of everything that we do, and we expect that this level of discipline will stand all of us in good stead over the coming months.

Cyclife are committed throughout this crisis to continue to provide the high level of professional service that you the customer have come to expect. The wider Cyclife team are available to assist as well as your usual day-to-day contact.

If you have any queries concerning the Cyclife range of services or how we can support you, please visit our website  www.cyclife-edf.com where you will find relevant technical information and our international contact details.
As we go forward, we’ll be sure to keep you updated, and know that we always value your questions and feedback.


Cyclife Digital Solutions and Onet Technologies sign a partnership agreement to offer digital solutions to nuclear industry

Publish on 26/02/2020

Cyclife Digital Solutions, a subsidiary of Groupe EDF, and Onet Technologies have signed a partnership agreement with the aim of deploying digital solutions to the nuclear industry and contributing to the management of projects in the sector.


As nuclear industry continues its digital transition, both companies have joined their skills to support the sector.

In the nuclear industry, Cyclife Digital Solutions supplies with DEMplus® for nuclear software, a decision support and simulation tool based on real-time 3D technologies, to optimize and secure intervention projects.
Onet Technologies is a pioneer in the implementation of the BIM* Management method applied to the engineering activities of decommissioning projects. Onet Technologies has a large return of experience in management of 3D models, BIM Management, design and modification of installation in decommissioning field.

Both companies are part of major industrial groups and combine their skills to enhance their complementary approaches providing innovative solutions to the technical challenges thanks to digital transition methods and tools: data gathering, facilities management with a long-term vision, decision support, etc. Working areas have been identified: simulation, BIM Management, interfacing of solutions. Before the end of the year, first concrete results are expected.

 *The BIM management method, in the nuclear sector, is a process using a digital 3D model which capitalizes and manages configuration of the technical of a nuclear facility throughout its life cycle. The BIM method allows to create digital twins of facilities in operation or decommissioning phase, moreover, it is a database for prior simulation studies carried out to on-site operations.

Pour en savoir +

Lire le Communiqué de presse du 26 février 2020

DEMplus® for nuclear 
Onet Technologies

In Sweden, Cyclife rallies to restart its waste-metal treatment facility before the end of 2020

Publish on 21/01/2020

Since last November's incident at the waste-metal treatment facility, Cyclife Sweden has made every effort to resume operations as soon as possible. All of the teams are mobilized and ready to restart operations in the waste-metal treatment facility before the end of 2020.
The Radiation Safety Authority has officially classified the event as an anomaly, INES 1, according to the international INES scale for nuclear events, which has 8 levels. This classification qualifies an anomaly without consequences for workers and no impact on the exterior of the installation.
The other parts of the facility, including incineration or pyrolysis treatment activities, and the non-nuclear services, operate normally.

Cyclife wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Publish on 24/12/2019

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