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Uniper awards Cyclife to treat and recycle its metal wastes

Publish on 11/10/2019

Cyclife Sweden AB, a subsidiary of Cyclife Groupe EDF, has been awarded an eight year contract to treat metallic wastes, approximately 15 000 tons coming from the decommissioning program of four reactor units in Sweden: Oskarshamn 1 and 2, and Barsebäck 1 and 2.This new contract won by Cyclife confirms the leading role played in Europe by Cyclife in treating and recycling metal waste.

Uniper has taken the nuclear power stations Oskarshamn 1 and 2, Barsebäck 1 and 2  out of operation between 1999 and 2017. The power stations will be subject to decommissioning which will generate material and waste that needs special treatments. Cyclife Sweden AB will provide to Uniper innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient radioactive waste management solutions.
 “For Cyclife, this agreement means a partnership with Uniper where we further develop the treatment process, but also deliver services early in the project where we help Uniper prepare and maximize the conditions for clearance and recycling”, says Henrik Modéer, MD of Cyclife Sweden.
Cyclife will be in charge of sorting, categorization and treatment of materials and waste from the decommissioning projects at Oskarshamn and Barsebäck. It will be a co-operation work on the power plant sites: Cyclife will support Uniper on optimizing the sorting prior transportation to its facility in Nyköping. Then Cyclife Sweden will treat the metals using different methods to separate the radioactivity from the metal and to prove that it meets the strict requirements for recycling back to industry after clearance at its own site. “Through this framework agreement with Cyclife, we expect to make annual calls of between 1,500 tonnes and 2,500 tonnes until 2027. This is a good example of the synergy effects we gain by coordinating dismantling and demolition of the closed reactors at Oskarshamn and Barsebäcksverket”, says Johan Dasht, MD of Oskarshamns Kraftgrupp AB.
About Uniper
Uniper is a leading international energy company with activities in more than 40 countries and around 11,000 employees globally. Its business is the secure provision of energy and related services. Its main activities include power generation in Europe and Russia as well as global energy trading. The company is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Further information: http://www.uniper.energy

Further information: presse release

Cyclife increases capacity, recognition by LLWR and Sellafield in the UK

Publish on 28/05/2019

Cyclife increases capacity, recognition by LLWR and Sellafield in the UK

Thanks to continued growth in demand for metal recycling services in the UK, Cyclife has recently expanded its operations to a 7-day working pattern at its Metal Recycling Facility at Workington in Cumbria.  The UK facility, acquired by EDF in 2016, has been in operation since 2009 and has seen a growth in demand for its services in the last two years from major UK nuclear players including LLWR, Sellafield, Magnox, Dounreay and EDF Energy.

This change necessitated the recruitment and training of additional operators and technical support staff – a change which was successfully implemented in January 2019. This change has recently been recognised in the following article on the UK Government Website: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/llwr-and-sellafield-contracts-help-cyclife-thrive

 Following the publication of this news, Bertrand Martelet Chairman of Cyclife UK, commented “We are delighted to have been able to make this increase in our operational capacity as a result of a positive contracting environment with key customers in the UK notably LLWR and Sellafield.  We have a strong commitment to our UK base in West Cumbria and the wider mission to provide the best environmental solutions for the clean-up and recycling of metallic waste from the nuclear industry.”

Cyclife holds a framework contract for recycling metallic scrap metals with LLWR which enables the delivery and treatment of waste from all major UK nuclear facilities.  This is enhanced by a waste route to Cyclife in Sweden which can be utilised for metals that require melting or very large components arising from decommissioning.  Cyclife also provides a range of consultancy and site project services to the UK decommissioning and waste management market, which is backed by a further range of treatment services and engineering provided by Cyclife France.

Henrik Modéer appointed CEO of Cyclife Sweden AB

Publish on 13/03/2019

Henrik Modèer, new CEO of Cyclife Sweden AB
Henrik Modéer, new CEO of Cyclife Sweden AB

Henrik Modéer has been appointed CEO of Cyclife Sweden AB, effective from March 4, 2019. He used to be sales and marketing director at Stena Recycling. Previously he served as a COO at IL Recycling. Henrik Modéer has an extensive leadership experience in both management consulting firms as well as within the environmental services and waste management industry. His academic background is a Master of Science degree in chemical engineering.

« I am truly honored for the opportunity to join Cyclife Sweden. I believe that together with the workforce we can safely accelerate the development of the company, meet future customer needs even better and improve the profitability », commented Henrik Modéer.


Publish on 08/01/2019

We wish you a happy new year and the best for 2019 !


Publish on 07/12/2018

The French Ecology Minister came to the Gard region to sign officially an Ecologic Transition Contract dedicated to boost the economic recovery of the territory after the shut down of EDF fuel electric plant at Aramon.
This contract holds 30 projects in various areas of the economy among which one from SOCODEI, called So’Gard.
We already spoke about these topics in our So Connect newsletters n°6 and n°7. => online on our website here and here
 To put it in a nutshell, So’Gard is aimed at treating new metallic waste from NPP’s at CENTRACO’s melting unit, with a clear recycling ambition.
 The first type of waste to be treated will be control rods guides.
 A new cutting unit will be built on site to prepare the metal for melting (first operations target date : 2023).
 After signing the contract, the Minister came to visit CENTRACO and discovered SOCODEI’s expertise.


Publish on 29/11/2018

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EDF signed a set of agreements during World Nuclear Exhibition to strengthen the industrial sector of dismantling and radioactive waste management

Publish on 29/06/2018

Signature of the cooperation between NDA and EDF. Meeting between Sylvain Granger (Head of Decommissioning and Waste management Projects Division at EDF) et David Peattie (NDA CEO)

In the framework of the 2018 World Nuclear Exhibition, EDF signed a set of agreements to formalize cooperation with European industrial partners.
The purpose of these agreements is to strengthen the industrial sector of nuclear decommissioning in France and to promote its international development, in particular through Cyclife.

Agreements signed, in the framework of the World Nuclear Exhibition:

- Partnership agreement with VEOLIA to develop the treatment of radioactive waste by vitrification and think about the design of the industrial demonstrator to secure the dismantling of graphite reactors
- Agreement with ORANO to propose a common offer of services for the decommissioning of the fast neutron reactor at Monju, Japan
- Agreement with FORTUM, a Finnish company and major player in energy in Northern Europe, to develop common offers on decommissioning and radioactive waste management in the Nordic market
- Agreement establishing the basis for cooperation on the dismantling of graphite reactors with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the UK public authority in charge of the decommissioning of 27 Magnox reactors (graphite) in the United Kingdom
- Partnership agreement with SOGIN (Società Gestione Impianti Nucleari), a public company in charge of the decommissioning and waste management in Italy
- Agreement with the CEA on the development of common standards and digital tools, which enable EDF to stay one step ahead in its decommissioning projects and accelerate the digital transition of the industrial sector of decommissioning and waste management radioactive;
-  Acquisition of OREKA SOLUTIONS, start-up specializing in digital at the service of dismantling of nuclear power plants


Publish on 26/06/2018

2017 edition

Articles L.125-15 and L.125-16 of the environment code (ex article 21 of Transparency and safety law of nuclear material) asks the nuclear operators to publish a report presenting their balance sheet regarding safety, radioprotection and environment every year.

The annual nuclear safety and radioprotection report of CENTRACO of 2017 is now available.


Publish on 20/06/2018

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Cyclife and Fortum start a partnership in nuclear decommissioning services

Publish on 30/05/2018

Aerial view of Cyclife Sweden

Fortum and Cyclife Sweden have signed a partnership to develop commercial services in nuclear decommissioning and waste management focusing on the Nordic market.

Through this new partnership, the companies will utilize their complementary competencies and strong experiences in nuclear decommissioning and waste management to offer an extensive service supply and create value for its customers through cost optimization, risk mitigation and interface reduction.

With a comprehensive range of services & expertise, Cyclife and Fortum will be able to support its customers at each stage of decommissioning projects on all main activities of each working block. The companies’ services will include, waste management services with all-inclusive solutions and innovative dismantling concepts in nuclear decommissioning.

This partnership reflects the ambition of EDF to provide innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient radioactive waste management and decommissioning solutions to the nuclear industry.
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