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Publish on 20/06/2018

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Cyclife and Fortum start a partnership in nuclear decommissioning services

Publish on 30/05/2018

Aerial view of Cyclife Sweden

Fortum and Cyclife Sweden have signed a partnership to develop commercial services in nuclear decommissioning and waste management focusing on the Nordic market.

Through this new partnership, the companies will utilize their complementary competencies and strong experiences in nuclear decommissioning and waste management to offer an extensive service supply and create value for its customers through cost optimization, risk mitigation and interface reduction.

With a comprehensive range of services & expertise, Cyclife and Fortum will be able to support its customers at each stage of decommissioning projects on all main activities of each working block. The companies’ services will include, waste management services with all-inclusive solutions and innovative dismantling concepts in nuclear decommissioning.

This partnership reflects the ambition of EDF to provide innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient radioactive waste management and decommissioning solutions to the nuclear industry.


Publish on 04/04/2018

The new UMIS mobile machine conceived by SOCODEI, for EDF UTO entity, has been awarded the engineering trophee by the Nuclear Direction of EDF during the ChallengeNuc at Aubervilliers on march 28th.

This mobile nuclear zone is operating on the NPPs to realize the inventories of the containers located on the LLA storage areas. It has arisen the interest the Navy and our foreign colleagues from the nuclear industry.

Edf’s President, Jean Bernard Levy, came to visit the booth where the machine was presented, and congratulated the team.

The UMIS machine did a first campaign at Blayais NPP and is now at Tricastin NPP before a first maintenance period during the summer.


Publish on 26/03/2018

The new movie presenting SOCODEI is now available.
To view it, clic here.

New participation in WMS for Cyclife

Publish on 26/03/2018

Symposium’s participants on Cyclife booth

Cyclife attended Waste Management Symposium in Phoenix (Arizona) which took place between the 19 and 23 of March.

This symposium provided the opportunity for Cyclife brand to present the result of its last works on the Co-60 tracer or on the management of irradiated control rods (presentations by EDF engineering team) and on the decontamination and melting of reactor upper internals or on the management of metals from decommissioning of nuclear facilities (presentations by Cyclife Sweden team).


Publish on 14/03/2018

Sunday February 18th 2018, up to fifty sportsmen, employees of SOCODEI and partners companies, ran the Nîmes Urban Trail, in the city, in various pathes.

For the second year in a row, the employees trained hard during several weeks to prepare this event which covered distances of 9 km, 16 km and 23 km.

A beautiful victory is at the key of the "SOCODEI's team" efforts: it wins the 1st prize of the inter-companies challenge.

This Tuesday, March 13th, the organizer of the NUT personally came to deliver the trophy to the employees on the site of CENTRACO, in the presence of all the sponsors of our sportsmen.

New commercial success for Cyclife : EDF and Westinghouse Electric Spain are awarded a nuclear dismantling engineering contract in Spain

Publish on 22/02/2018

In partnership with Westinghouse Electric Spain (WES), EDF has been awarded a contract that was put out for tender on 5 May 2017 by ENRESA, Spain’s national agency in charge of radioactive waste management and the decommissioning of nuclear sites. The contract entails the provision of engineering services for the dismantling of unit 1 at Vandellòs[i] nuclear power station (Hospitalet de l’Infant, Spain) for a duration of four years.

Both companies will provide ENRESA with engineering services in order to keep Vandellòs gas-cooled reactor in a safe state after it was permanently shut down in 1989.

Sylvain Granger, EDF Director of Decommissioning and Waste-Management Projects: "With 9 dismantling projects underway in France, 6 of which involve gas-cooled reactors, EDF possesses unique expertise in this field and is aspiring to become a leader on the emerging dismantling market. We are proud to be working with WES on the Vandellòs project and to be providing ENRESA with the best practices developed during our dismantling projects".

Yves Brachet, Westinghouse Vice-President: "This contract is an opportunity to work together with EDF, who is facing similar challenges in France. It also highlights our expertise and our ability to come up with innovative decommissioning solutions".

[i] Vandellòs is a gas-cooled reactor which operated from 1972 to 1989. It started being dismantled in 1994.

Cyclife is awarded its first nuclear waste treatment contract by SOGIN (Societe Gestione Impianti Nucleari)

Publish on 07/02/2018

Metal melting at Cyclife Sweden

Cyclife and SOGIN, the Italian public company in charge of decommissioning and waste management, have signed an agreement to the tune of 28 million Euros for the treatment of 1 800 tons of metal waste produced during the decommissioning of three nuclear power plants in Italy (Trino, Garigliano and Latina).

The work involves the sorting and encapsulation of waste on site, the transportation of this waste and its treatment by means of melting technology at the Cyclife plant in Sweden. The treatment method recommended by Cyclife would significantly reduce the volume of waste which, as far as SOGIN is concerned, would reduce disposal costs for residual waste in Italy. This 5-year contract was awarded to Cyclife following an 8-month tender process.

Year 2018 will focus on design engineering, scheduling and validation of the waste encapsulation process. The initial phase of on-site work and transportation to Sweden will begin in 2019.

This contract demonstrates the EDF Group’s determination to provide international markets with novel and effective solutions in the area of nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

Sylvain Granger, EDF Director of the Decommissioning and Waste Management Project: "The nuclear dismantling and nuclear waste treatment market is bound to grow in the years to come. Thanks to Cyclife, EDF aspires to become a leader in this market, by offering high added-value services that capitalize on the group’s 10 years of experience in decommissioning and its waste management platform with specialized facilities in France, the United Kingdom and Sweden."

4 000 !

Publish on 11/01/2018

It is the amont of cubic meters of ion exchange resins embedded with the MERCURE units since the beggining of their operation in 1996.

This embedding, made with an epoxy matrix, allows to condition the resins safely for their storage in the ANDRA industrial centers.


Publish on 01/01/2018

SOCODEI’s teams wish you a happy new year.

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