Both Cyclife's subsidiaries, Cyclife Digital Solutions and Graphitech, contribute to the European project, Innov4Graph, coordinated by EDF Group. Over a period of three years, this project aims to create and deploy INNOvative tools FOR dismantling of GRAPHite moderated nuclear reactors. Innov4Graph is part of the programme led by the European Commission "Horizon 2020 EURATOM European Union funding for Research & Innovation".

This project brings together the know-how of thirteen European partners, including Graphitech and Cyclife Digital Solutions with its DEMplus® for nuclear application. This application checks the feasibility of operations during the removal of graphite bricks using simulations of several scenarios to improve the efficiency and ensure the reliability of the new tools under development.

You will find attached the official press release explaining how Innov4Graph project, through the development of physical and digital tools, as well as methods to support the decommissioning of European graphite reactors, is trying to answer questions such as "What are the most optimal ways to dismantle graphite reactors ?", "What remote tools can help operators to safely remove radioactive graphite?" and "What solutions will be the most cost-efficient for dismantling operations in reactors of such complexity and dimensions?".