SOCODEI Group EDF Headquarters

Agility and reactivity are two subsidiary of cyclife brand arms for the nuclear life cycle actors. To answer stronger and stronger requirements SOCODEI, as a responsible industrial, has developed the 8E project.

This project is a complete answer including an agreement, a workshop and a package to open new waste storage paths.

The 8E Project started in 2013. It answers a complex issue of blocking rubble at heart after injection in tanks for disposal. SOCODEI has created with its partners a new process which will guarantee a perfect conformity of the tanks: the cubidical cement mixer.

It admits the whole grading range of waste concerned (large and small rubble): it allows to avoid the sorting of rubble and all its inconvenients.

This new SOCODEI offer opens perspectives. It will allow SOCODEI to offer its customers services for treating and conditioning dispersable waste (dust, sand, dirt, contaminated rubble…) which are actually out of the CENTRACO’sauthorizations.