Cyclife Digital Solutions In Brief

A 90% EDF Cyclife subsidiary, Cyclife Digital Solutions has been developing and providing tools based on a multi-criteria approach for operations in the industrial and nuclear fields since 2010. And this, at any stage of the installation's life cycle (new works, maintenance and decommissioning works).

The award-winning, DEMplus® for nuclear , is a decision-support tool based on real-time 3D technologies for the  simulation of interventions. It provides a range of results such as: costs, time, waste and dose.
In 2018, the EDF Group acquired OREKA Solutions that became Cyclife Digital Solutions. A real partner to expand its international offer for waste management and nuclear facilities decommissioning through its Cyclife group.

Location: Cyclife Digital Solutions (formely OREKA Solutions) is located in Bagnols-sur-Cèze near the CEA site in Marcoule (in the Gard department).
Employees: 15 staff