EDF, Technocentre Project, France



Technocentre is a building project of a new nuclear metallic low level waste treatment facility in France.

EDF DPD2 want to simulate streams into the facility and have a decision support tool to be able to readjust the facility’s design and study modification impacts on the waste treatment.


  • Technocentre facility has a lot of complex interconnected streams and specific functioning rules
  • A definition of every elementary process and their rules is essential, i.e. campaign’s furnaces functioning
  • All processes are linked and interconnected together
  • Every input data had to be adaptable
  • The simulation model needs to be configured to take into account any data modification

Our proposal

The stream study is based on previous studies’ data modelised through the FlexSim software with the model’s user manual.

  • Technical note to define the model framework
  • Explanatory note of the functions of the model
  • Modelling the facility with available data to represent the current state of studies
  • Adapt the model to take into account changes on processes and entry data
  • Dynamic dashboards  to deliver a variety of results

Customer benefits and results

  • Interactive model to try several entry data to have a better sizing of the facility
  • Highlight design issues by modelling every part of the facility and interactions between processes and identifying issues
  • Stream and process optimisation