EDF Chooz A NPP, France


CHOOZ A STE building will be decommissioned and EDF DPD2 wants to simulate waste streams and check waste evacuation planning from decommissioning activities. This building is very specific and has a lot of constrains with waste sources spread on 5 levels.


  • Study the waste stream planed of the water treatment plant decommissioning in Chooz A
  • Creation of a simulation model for four different logistic combinations on Complete or partial installation decommissioning and CENTRACO or ANDRA waste route strategy
  • Ensure that the estimated waste stream meets the planning requirements as assessed by the nuclear operator
  • Design of specific paths accounting for the constraints of the surroundings over 5 levels

Our proposal

  • Identify and to analyze bottlenecks, improving paths considering the technical and logistics constraints
  • Propose conclusions for planning recommendations
  • Identification of bottlenecks due to:
    • too slow measuring devices
    • reduced storage capacity close to lifting tools
    • a heavy trap door blocking access because it takes too long to be moved

Customer benefits and results

Avoidance of work closure risk Recommendations:

  • The initial planning can be fulfilled but specific parameters and conditions need to be reviewed
  • Storage capacity within intermediary locations
  • Work organisation and human resources
  • Adaptation of current trap doors