EDF Saint-Laurent NPP, France


Saint Laurent A is a site with two of six UNGG reactors currently being decommissioned by EDF in France. The site is home to a waste silo containing graphite sleeves from the site's operation.

Graphitech* has been in charge with the full waste retrieval design.


  • EDF needs to empty an on-site silo filled with irradiated graphite sleeves on the Saint-Laurent site to store them in a new more secure store
  • Access to the silos is limited and little information is readily available with regards to the contents

Our proposal

Graphitech has developed a detailed design for the full waste retrieval:

  • Retrieval equipment
  • Graphite waste processing equipment and facilities (2020-21)

Customer benefits

  • Manufacture of the retrieval equipment and optimisation of the retrieval technology using the EDF demonstration facility at Chinon
  • Development and trials of graphite crushing technology to optimise waste packing (2022-24)