EDF Chinon NPP, France


Chinon A2 NPP is one of six UNGG (Natural Uranium Gas Graphite) reactors currently being decommissioned by EDF in France, it is the lead site for EDF’s immediate dismantling strategy for its UNGG fleet.

Graphitech* has been in charge with the full reactor decommissioning design


EDF required a robust, optimised decommissioning methodologyfor Chinon A2 to begin dismantling operations in 2030.

Our proposal

Graphitech has developed a detailed decommissioning methodology for this first of a kind reactor including:

  • Development of remotely operated tools to break up complex, large-scaleconcrete and metal structures (including opening-up of the bioshield) andtools to extract activated graphite bricks and other structures Ongoing
  • Design and manufacture of mock-ups for tooling & methodology development,trials, training etc. => Ongoing
  • Design, manufacture and testing of a tool deployment system and dismantlingtooling to be used to remotely decommission the Chinon A2 reactor => Ongoing
  • Beginning of Graphitech activities in Chinon EDF demonstration facility => 2022

Customer benefits

  • Optimisation of the detailed decommissioning methodology to reduce risks with potential time & cost reduction => complete
  • Identification of dismantling tools and techniques to be developed within the EDF demonstrator facility at Chinon => complete