EDF, Saint-Laurent, Bugey and Chinon NPPs, France


After Chinon A2, EDF will dismantle the remaining 5 reactors in its UNGG fleet, integrating the learning and experience developed in dismantling the Chinon A2 reactor.

Graphitech* has been charged to study the UNGG decommissioning scenario.


EDF needs to develop the outline decommissioning methodologies for the remainder of the UNGG fleet.

Our proposal

Graphitech has produced an outline decommissioning methodology for the 5 remaining UNGG reactors:

  • Where possible, transposition of the Chinon A2 methodology to the other reactors
  • Where not possible, identification of additional engineering work required

Customer benefits

Main outcome: Most of the Chinon A2 methodology and associated dismantling technologies can be directly applied to Chinon A1-A3, Bugey and St-Laurent