Focus on the UMIS, a mobile unit for safe nuclear inspection

Jointly developed by EDF and Cyclife France, UMIS – mobile unit for safe nuclear inspection - is a mobile confinement system for safe inspection of waste containers and repackaging.

It enables the assessment of waste containers and their contents to support repackaging (where necessary), their preparation for onward consignment and transport; all within a confined nuclear compliant mobile structure located in an external lay down area.

A turnkey solution in compliance with the French Nuclear safety requirements, approved by the French Nuclear Safety Agency (ASN).

Thanks to UMIS, numerous containers can be treated safely. It supports the management of containers requiring storage or onward consignment. A flexible solution through both minimising activities required within controlled areas, limiting on-site container transfers.

A valuable tool in the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear installations.

Cyclife's Management of Legacy W On-site thanks to Mobile Units