EDF DP2D, Bugey Nuclear Power Plant Site, France



Cyclife France was responsible for the preparation and initial commissioning of ICEDA, a facility for the conditioning and storage of activated waste. This 8,300-sqm installation receives, conditions and temporarily stores Long-Lived Intermediate-Level Waste (LLILW) that is pending for final disposal. 

This waste is generated by the operation and the decommissioning of EDF nuclear power plants in France. The LLIL waste will then be transferred to Cigéo, a final disposal centre operated by the French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (ANDRA), which is scheduled to commission in 2035. 


  • Pre-operation: conditioning and storage of highly irradiating waste (red zone) requiring remote operation


  • Operation: storage of LLIL waste packages in full safety and security conditions



Our proposal

A 100% dedicated team

  • Production of operating documents before Active Commissioning (AC)
  • Tooling tests
  • Remote operation training for eight people

Scope of activity

  • Facility operation: Remotely operated treatment processes, heavy handling equipment, concrete preparation and implementation, effluent management, etc. 
  • Maintenance: Preparing intervention files, monitoring processes, and managing subcontracted operators

Key steps

  • From 2016 to 2019: pre-operation contract including staff training, drafting of operation documents, participation in testing and establishment of maintenance contracts.
  • From 2019 to 2021: operating contract including the industrial operator service for the facility

Pre-operation and operation of ICEDA


Pre-operation and operation of ICEDA


Pre-operation and operation of ICEDA

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Customer benefits

During operation by Cyclife France, a dedicated team of 11 people, including a department manager, with expertise in :

  • operating an INB for the treatment of radioactive waste
  • drafting of operating documentation guidelines

During the handover, trained operators ensured continuity of operations


  • Effective and successful Active Commissioning on schedule
  • Total storage capacity of 2,000 packages