Magnox Hinkley Point A Site, UK


Magnox required a system to pre-condition ILW by mixing sludge wastes with cement powders and pouring into a concrete box for onward encapsulation.


The system needed to be designed to be capable of being operated locally during commissioning or remotely during operations, and the entire functionality had to be demonstrated during an integrated factory acceptance test

Our proposal

  • The external mixer is used to mix radioactive sludge and sand materials with cement powders. The mixer was adapted for this application with lights and cameras for remote operation and radar level measurement to prevent it from being overfilled.
  • The mixer is also designed to be disposed of into a concrete box at the end of its life.

Customer benefits

  • A technically compliant solution designed to interface seamlessly with third party equipment such as the concrete box.
  • De-risked project with successful integrated factory acceptance testing before disassembly and shipping to site.


  • The need for specialist techniques negated through conventional design.
  • Magnox received a system capable of operating remotely during operations.