Focus on waste on-site treatment and services, mobile machines

During operation in a nuclear installation or In the preparation phase of nuclear decommissioning, Cyclife can design in-situ workshops or provide mobile waste solutions, like MERCURE, to condition residual waste such as boric concentrates, sludge, or spent resins produced by decontamination.

Cyclife has also developed UMIS, a Mobile Unit dedicated to Safe Inspection and reconditioning of legacy wastes stored at site.

Cyclife's Management of Legacy Waste On-site thanks to Mobile Units

Discover Cyclife’s mobile machines

Cyclife can treat the waste directly at the source with its customised on-site services. To meet the most complex requirements, Cyclife has designed, manufacture and commission mobile units that are setting up and are operating directly at its customers’ radioactive waste producing sites.

Cyclife has developed a set of mobile machines to treat different types of waste:

  • MERCURE – Mobile conditioning unit for Ion exchange resins (IER) from the pressurised water reactor’s primary circuit
  • UM2B – Mobile unit for encapsulating radioactive sludge
  • UMIS – Mobile on-site inspection and intervention unit
  • UMC – Mobile unit for encapsulating radioactive concentrates
  • UMB – Mobile plugging unit