Magnox, Trawsfynydd NPP, UK


Trawsfynydd has been selected as the Magnox lead and learn site for the new Rolling Programme of Decommissioning in the UK. As such, Magnox Ltd. released a competitive tender for the conceptual design of the decommissioning of the Trawsfynydd reactor block.

Graphitech* in conjunction with Cyclife UK and Cavendish Nuclear Ltd. were successful in winning this competitive tender.


Trawsfynydd has been chosen as the lead and learn site; thus engineering design works are required to determine the dismantling scenario and tooling for the reactor block.

Our proposal

Graphitech has been charged with the decommissioning design for the reactor pressure vessel and internals:

  • The contract with Magnox was from January to July 2021, the complete concept design has been delivered within this 6-month window
  • Graphitech was responsible for all activities associated with the dismantling of the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) and its internals, including gaining access to the RPV by opening the concrete bioshield
  • Local partners (Cavendish Nuclear, Cyclife UK) were in charge of project management, cost and schedule integration, specific studies with respect to Magnox standards (ALARP, HAZOP, safety requirements…)

Customer benefits

Graphitech has leveraged its significant experience and know how in this area to deliver an advanced concept design to Magnox that has already been heavily underpinned