EDF, Chinon A2 NPP, France

Metal sampling equipment installed on the false reactor slab


The A2 reactor at the Chinon nuclear power plant was shut down in 1985. Prior to dismantling the UNGG vessel of this reactor, EDF DP2D department wished to carry out sampling and analysis to assess and determine the dosimetry in anticipation of the dismantling operations.


  • Carrying out remote sampling in extreme conditions, including work in a suspended and confined environment, from a manhole - an area closed since the shutdown of the reactor in 1988, to a depth of 15m
  • Handling and operation of a new dedicated equipment to the project

Our proposal


  • On-site service since the end of 2019
  • Removal of the removable parts of the reactor vessel by remote operation
  • Investigation of the inter-casing area through the manhole
  • Removal of the internal metal structures of the reactor vessel by remote operation
  • Maintenance and investigation of the reactor vessel wellheads
  • Investigation of the A2 inter-casing area from the manhole by an operator in suspended work and in a confined environment

Main technical data: Transformation and training

  • Technical support from design to development of dedicated equipment
  • Operators trained in specific activities, such as asbestos conditions, confined spaces or suspended work

Customer benefits

  • Dedicated Cyclife France team
  • Knowledge of the Chinon A2 reactor
  • Competence in the use of tools and the tele-operated equipment


  • Six successful operations already completed at the Chinon A2 site