Focus on waste containing asbestos

A unit will be dedicated to treat asbestos radioactive waste at Cyclife France by 2024 within its CENTRACO facility. The treatment of radioactive waste containing asbestos will be different:

  • Up to 80% reduced in size for calorifuge types
  • Up to 50% reduced for those inducible
  • Segregated for non-compacted ones, such as metals
  • Recycled by melting for metals without asbestos

Radioactive waste containing asbestos is conditioned in racks. The racks are filled with sand and vibrated prior to delivery for disposal at the country’s final repository site. 40 ISO 20’ containers (~6m in length) can be stored on a dedicated area on CENTRACO site. One ISO container will be processed per week.

For customers, there is an immediate on-site removal of waste by Cyclife, releasing storage space to be re-used. This process lower the related costs: less waste to store, so fewer packages to send to final repository.

Cyclife France sets up a workshop to process radioactive asbestos waste