The Nuclear Park and Environment Engineering Division (DIPDE) carries out engineering studies and improvement work on the nuclear islands of the 56 existing French reactors as well as engineering studies for decommissioning projects.


DIPDE is preparing for the ten-yearly visits to the 1300 MWe reactors, which include the complete shutdown of the plants, refuelling, maintenance and equipment modifications, as well as extensive testing. To ensure the success of these visits, DIPDE needed a solution to prepare the manoeuvres in advance on a reliable and up-to-date environment.

Our proposal

With MySurvey, it was possible to take measurements in the point cloud, make measurements, have a complete immersion in an existing environment in a few clicks, make preliminary feasibility studies, identify equipment and free areas, create and move volumes, read equipment labels or other information via UHD photos, and create piping.

Customer benefits

  • Reliable and fluid communication around 3D modelled changes, understandable and accessible to all project stakeholders
  • Significant reduction in the number of on-site visits


  • Saving money on those trips that can be avoided
  • Saves time and money on APS / APD studies