EDF Creys Malville Nuclear Power Plant, France



Within the framework of the dismantling project of the "Battery Block" of the Creys Malville power plant, EDF DP2D wants to simulate the dismantling scenarios using DEMplus® for nuclear.

Studies in preliminary phases are in progress in order to develop scenarios and identify the reference scenario.


  • Preparation and integration of 3D models
  • Analysis, adaptation and integration of input data related to costs, dose, waste and dosimetry
  • Integration of scenarios
  • Comparison of the scenarios (between them and with input data)

Our proposal

  • Create a scenario comparison (remotely and in contact) of decommissioning of the main reactor vessel of Creys using DEMplus
  • Delivery of 2 simulation models per scenario (one with source terms without scenarios and one without source terms with scenario)
  • Technical note including the input data and the results obtained from the simulation

Customer benefits and results

  • Definition of the most impacting elements for each scenario
  • Comparison of the scenarios against the input data provided by the DEMplus calculation models
  • Definition of the least impacting scenario in terms of duration, costs and dose received and waste production including containers.