Nawah, Barakha NPP, United Arab Emirates


The Barakah Nuclear Power Plant started production in 2020 and was seeking international expertise in the operational management of radioactive waste to implement best practices for conditioning in its waste management processes. Through its parent company EDF Group, which operates 56+ NPPs worldwide, and as part of the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility, Cyclife EDF group has proven expertise in best practices and operational processes for handling and conditioning radioactive waste safely, in accordance with IAEA waste minimisation standards.


Cyclife proposed to share its knowledge and expertise on radioactive waste management and to deliver a bespoke training session, explaining its “waste led management” approach showing how to deal with operational waste in order to minimise their volume, saving safely dose, time and money, protecting people and environment. This training was achieved by demonstrating how to solve waste management issues and sharing real operational experiences with the Barakah waste management team, including an in-depth visit to the Cyclife France industrial site.

Our proposal

Cyclife customised the training session to the specific safety case of the Barakah NPP, providing tips, guidance and best available techniques that can be easily applied in compliance with disposal doctrines and regulations.

Cyclife EDF trainers have 20+ years of expertise in the nuclear field with great knowledge in very-low-level/low-level/intermediate-level waste management, notably inventory/routing/segregation, custom design of conditioning machines, thermal treatment and processes, volume reduction, solidification in the conditioning matrix.

Customer benefits

  • Anticipate waste generation in the nuclear area allowing segregation at source and volume reduction of waste generated
  • Appropriate conditioning of waste to facilitate future disposal
  • Save time, money, surface disposal and dose for operators


  • Comprehensive bespoke training session
  • Implementation of the “waste-led management” philosophy that will eventually reduce waste generation while conserving resources and the environment
  • Cyclife’s consultancy on waste management

    Cyclife is leading Europe in nuclear waste management and decommissioning. As well as its three Nuclear Licensed facilities in Europe, the subsidiary of EDF Group has a wealth of experience through the entire waste management and decommissioning lifecycle. Its business model engages early with the customer and drives extra value by implementing waste-led decommissioning approaches that support treatment and optimizes waste diversion including free release when possible.

    Thanks to its team of highly-skilled consultants in waste treatment technologies and R&D capabilities, Cyclife supports the customer to:

    • Understand the waste inventory
    • Recommend the Best Available Techniques (BAT)
    • Deploy cost-effective solutions for waste generating operations,
    • Plan alternative treatments with clearance. On-site

    Cyclife is able to provide a team of project specialists to facilitate waste removal and deplanting: studies and site works for the feasibility of waste characterisation, packaging identification, waste handling, transport, and Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) compliance.

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