EDF in the UK is the owner and operator of 14 Advanced Gas cooled Reactors (AGR) across the UK. These reactors will be progressively brought off-line and go into decommissioning over the coming years and EDF in the UK is preparing its decommissioning plans.

Graphitech* is part of the integrated project team, made up of EDF SA, EDFUK and Cyclife to assist EDFUK in their decommissioning mission.


  • EDF in the UK needs to prepare for the shutdown and decommissioning of its currently operational AGR fleet EDF in the UK has called on the expertise of the wider
  • EDF Group in order to be fully prepared for decommissioning

Our proposal

Graphitech assisted in the AGR decommissioning plan:

  • Baseline Decommissioning Plan (BDP) critical review to identify gaps / opportunities in dismantling methodology
  • Programmisation of fleet reactor dismantling activities
  • Build 3D-model of one reactor (including reactor building, CPV & internals)

Customer benefits

Graphitech has leveraged its significant experience and know how in this area to deliver an optioneering and concept design for reactor dismantling.