Cyclife UK continues to expand with the recruitment of four new apprentices as part of its growth plans. Based in Cumbria, Cyclife UK facility has been committed to employing young people in the North West of England.

Since Cyclife opened the facility in Cumbria in 2009, 14 apprentices have been employed and 10 are still with the company.  Cyclife UK facility, Metal Recycling Facility (MRF), is designed to support the United Kingdom's strategy on its management of low-level radioactive waste as well as to serve customers across the nuclear decommissioning life cycle. The four apprentices Annabelle Edgar, Edward Kemp, Daniel Hargreaves and Morgan Norcross are employed as Degree Apprentices within various departments of Cyclife: technical, business improvement and consultancy teams.

Tracy O’Pray, HR Manager at Cyclife UK commented: "This is an exciting time for both these young people and the company and we look forward to a great future for them all!"

Cyclife is given them full support with all their training and educational needs over their apprenticeships. The degree apprenticeship will be a duration of five years at the end. All four apprentices will have completed a Bachelor of Science degree in either Project Management* or Nuclear Scientist Waste Management**.

In the picture at the top, the 4 new apprentices at Cyclife UK, from left to right:
Annabelle Edgar – Waste Management working in the technical team at the Cyclife UK facility (Metal Recycling Facility - MRF)
Edward (Teddy) Kemp – Project management working in our Business Improvement team
Daniel Hargreaves – Waste Management working in our Consultancy team
Morgan Norcross - Waste Management working in our technical team at MRF

*The Project Management Degree is completed through the University of Cumbria by the end of the first year this apprentice will also have gained the APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ - IPMA Level D award)
**The Nuclear Scientist Waste Management Degree is completed through National College for Nuclear