Since 2016, Cyclife UK’s MRF (Metals Recycling Facility) has actively supported the Dream Placement programme run by the Centre for Leadership Performance based in Cumbria. The programme aims to give young people in Cumbria experience of leadership through a week-long industrial placement. That is how in 2016, Cyclife employed Abigail Caldow as a Project Coordinator after her successful placement. Similarly in 2018, Katherine Armstrong also joined MRF in transport and logistics services.

Because Katherine displayed such a potential and a high degree of maturity and professionalism for her age that Cyclife created an apprenticeship position for her. Katherine now leads on coordinating package supply and logistics operations for Cyclife UK. She is even temporarily acting as customer point of contact for our work with EDF Energy, after only 18 months of her career. This is a fantastic achievement.

Katherine has all the right skills and attitude to be a future senior leader within Cyclife. It is vitally important that Cyclife seizes every opportunity to acquire the best and brightest talent in support of its mission to become European leader in waste management and decommissioning”, concludes Joe Robinson, Managing Director at Cyclife UK MRF.