After these challenging and unprecedented times, the whole platform of Cyclife is pleased to announce that Cyclife in the UK resumes shipments of customers’ metallic waste to Cyclife located in Sweden. The shipment arrived in Sweden on 29 June 2020 having left the UK just a few days earlier. The route has been operating efficiently for more than a decade and helps provide the best environmental solution for the UK’s nuclear industry. “The route guarantees an efficient and safe service for customers on the UK market” commented Henrik Modéer, Director, Cyclife Sweden.

For the past 10 years, Cyclife UK Ltd. has its Metals Recycling Facility (MRF) near Workington in Cumbria. The site has been offering solutions to meet the growing needs of nuclear industry to dismantle, reduce and recycle their waste. Cyclife UK is a leader in the treatment of low-level radioactive waste, with a market share of more than 90% for metallic waste in the UK. Cyclife Sweden AB is located outside Nyköping on the east coast of Sweden. The facility has been providing waste treatment services to domestic and international customers for 40 years. All treatment services provided include volume reduction and treatment (hot and cold cutting, melting, incineration and pyrolysis) is always carried out in customer-specific campaigns.  The treatment of metallic waste consists of a series of services: segmentation, decontamination, melting (up to 5,000 tons per year), clearance and recycling of produced metal ingots, characterisation and conditioning of secondary waste for return to customer.

Thanks to its close link and communications over the years, both facilities provide built-in flexibility, which means that we can continue to deliver all contracts for our UK customers in 2020”, declared Joe Robinson, Director, Cyclife UK.
The platform of Cyclife provides solutions for the optimised and sustainable management of nuclear waste and the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear installations. With its three sites in the United Kingdom, Sweden and France, its subsidiaries Cyclife Digital Solutions, Cyclife Engineering and more recently Graphitech, Cyclife offers a range of activities that extends from building the physical and radiological inventory of a nuclear installation, on-site technical support for decontamination and a wide range of dismantling services including cold and hot segmentation (e.g. for primary circuits or other reactor cooling systems).